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Bring your money
in on time

SEPA direct debit enables our customers to get paid on time.
Save time, improve cashflow. Fees based on transaction volumes.  





Simplifying How You Get Paid



Send out request for payment
Your customers receive a branded email with your logo displayed on-screen.
The detail of the request is clearly explained.
You can also add a note to encourage your customer to react.



Payment approval
Your customer simply enters their details on screen and approves payment.
They immediately receive a confirmation email for their records.



Simple Reconciliation
Each credit on your bank statement has a unique reference, this links to each customer payment for direct matching of all payments processed, simplifying the reconciliation of credits.

Peace of mind
You will know the level of income and when to expect it, helping you to plan core activities in your business.

Information Centralised
All requests for payment and related collections are easily viewed online. Customer approval of payment is immediately available, reminders can easily be generated.

Enhanced Cash Flow
Funds are received directly into your bank account from your customers’ bank accounts. The system knows the funds have cleared or advises on any collection that has failed to collect.

Remove the Uncertainty, Control Your Cashflow

An online system developed with modern technology to enable you setup cash collection anywhere, anytime. With your customer’s email address you can simply send them a link to approve payment. Similarly for your customers, they simply click the link to be taken to DebaPay to enter their details and approve payment, there is no pre-registration required by the payer. 


Numerous Benefits




Improved cashflow

Cash collection with less stress

Simplicity for your customers

More productive use of your time

Regular scheduled payments

Easier bank reconciliation

Reduction in unnecessary bank fees


Ultimately you gain better use of resources



Supporting Electronic & Paper Mandates

Electronic Mandates
The quickest and most often the preferred method to capture payers’ approval. With electronic SEPA direct debit mandates your customer simply clicks on the link you send them to enter their bank details onscreen either on mobile or PC.

Paper Mandates
There may be occasions where customers will need to sign a paper SEPA direct debit mandate. A template is provided to you when signing up, this can be presented to the customer for singing, it’s then just a matter of setting up the payment collection to run on DebaPay.


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