Get Paid with SEPA Direct Debit

Say Hello, to Better Cashflow



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Free up your time, simplify collection of fees with SEPA Direct Debit

Improve Your cashflow
Collect payment from your customers on time and maintain optimum cashflow

Remove the stress of chasing payment

Avoid having to contact your customers repeatedly, manage collections by exception only

Single & Recurring payments

With SEPA Direct Debit you can collect a single payment, a set number of payments or let the schedule run aligned to your ongoing service

DebaPay, designed to simplify cash collection

– How it works in 3 steps –



Send out request for payment
Your customers receive a branded email with your logo displayed on-screen.
The detail of the request is clearly explained.
You can also add a note to encourage your customer to react.


Payment approval
Your customer simply enters their details on screen and approves payment.
They immediately receive a confirmation email for their records.


Simple Reconciliation
Funds are credited directly to your bank account. Each credit on your bank statement has a unique credit reference, this links to each customer payment for direct matching of all payments processed.


Numerous Benefits




Improved cashflow

Cash collection with less stress

Simplicity for your customers

More productive use of your time

Regular scheduled payments

Easier bank reconciliation

Reduction in unnecessary bank fees


Ultimately you gain better use of resources



Ideal for Business

Reduce days sales outstanding, reduce the effort and time spent chasing customers for payment

Perfect for Schools

Provide parents with a simple way to pay, they’ll welcome simplicity and it will enable the school to go cashless.
Check out DebaPay for Schools

Nails it for Sports Clubs

Bring an end to collecting payment pitch side and chasing people for subs and various other fees, simplify payment for members and non members and they’ll love you for it
Check out DebaPay for Sports Clubs


Simplicity Through Innovation

Across all platforms Highly intuitive user interfaces on the biller and payer sides delivering the ultimate user experience.
People know what to do without asking.