Improve Your Cashflow

Collect Your Cash - Free up Your Time - Grow Your Business
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DebaPay is all about Cash Collection


Benefits to You

Improved cashflow
Cash collection with less stress
Simplicity for your customers
More productive use of your time
Regular scheduled payments
Easier bank reconciliation
Reduction in unnecessary bank fees


How it happens

Simplify how your customers pay you

Send your customers a payment request via DebaPay, they click a payment link and approve payment.
DebaPay uses SEPA Direct Debit to process the payment.

Ideal for Business

Reduce days sales outstanding, reduce the effort and time spent chasing customers for payment

Perfect for Education

Provide parents with a simple way to pay, they’ll welcome simplicity and the move away from cheques and cash

Nails it in Sport

Bring an end to collecting payment pitch side and chasing people for subs and various other fees, simplify payment for members and non members and they’ll love you for it


Simplicity Through Innovation

Across all platforms Highly intuitive user interfaces on the biller and payer sides delivering the ultimate user experience.
People know what to do without asking.