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Simple School Payments

Helping primary and post primary schools with the task of collecting payment from parents.

Easier and Faster Payments for Schools and Parents

Payments for school activities can be a headache for both parents and teachers. Collecting money for book fees, materials, uniforms and activities such as swimming, summer camps, exam fees and school tours is time-consuming. Time-poor parents may forget to get the money ready for school payments and there can be several payment requests from the school throughout the year. Typically schools will need to remind parents to bring their payment in person or pay over the phone, which is not convenient.
If you consider how many times parents are required to pay for different school items, payments can be a burden. For schools there’s the added inconvenience of having to reconcile payments, which diverts precious resources from other projects.

Simplifying Payments for Parents

How many times as a parent did you have to do a last minute rush to the bank or scramble through your pockets to get money for after-school classes and other school fees? Parents already have enough on their plate and getting everything organised for their children’s school activities can be stressful.
The DebaPay payment system has been designed with real people in mind. It works with a very intuitive interface that allows parents to pay for all school fees at the click of a button. Parents receive an email from the school advising of the item to be paid for and they input their details to set up a payment instruction.

DebaPay Helping Parents

DebaPay is based on SEPA Direct Debit, with a one-time registration completed on mobile or PC. In other words, you only need to input your details once and then each time you receive a request for payment from your school by email it’s just a matter of signing in and approving payment. There is no app to install and no need for card details. All transactions are totally transparent and secure, giving parents total peace of mind. Payment requests will be notified electronically and collected by direct debit once approved. This saves time logging on to banking apps to make a transfer or contacting the school to make the payment by cash, cheque or card. Using DebaPay to make school payments is simple and only takes a moment to complete the first request and from then on it’s the click of a button to approve payment.
Using an online system also means that parents can approve payment at a time that suits them, for example after work. Parents can see at a glance all the payment requests from the school, clearly itemised with all the due dates, so it’s easier to budget and get the funds ready when needed.
An added advantage is not having to carry cash to the school and pay in person, saving time.
For families experiencing financial challenges, they can discuss payments in installments with their school. With Debapay parents can pay in full or pay over time on agreement with their school.
As a client told us recently, DebaPay is “such a user friendly and efficient system for parents”.

Simplifying Payments for Schools

Primary and post-primary schools need to process many payments. Parents may be using different payment methods like cash and card, and each transaction needs to be recorded and reconciled.
All this admin is labour-intensive and school resources are limited. On top of that, at times parents may need reminding of payment due. Making calls to chase payments is time-consuming and can be stressful for members of staff and sometimes bothersome for parents. However, by using electronic reminders through a messaging system that sends payment requests using a very straight forward interface, personnel can be free to focus on other more valuable activities and for parents they can line up the payment without explaining themselves. Sometimes as parents all that’s needed is a gentle reminder and an electronic notification is ideal.

school fees

Collecting school payments for book fees, swimming and many other items

The purpose of DebaPay is to simplify the task of collecting payments. You simply send the request to parents through DebaPay, the parent clicks to be taken to DebaPay on their phone or PC to securely enter their bank details. On approval the payments are processed through the SEPA direct debit network which transfers the funds from the parents’ accounts to the school account. Important to note, DebaPay does not hold any funds at any point. The system allows for one-off payments as well as regular payments as part of a payment plan where enabled. All payment requests are recorded as are all payments and you can create reports to use for payment reconciliation.

One advantage of using DebaPay is that you can create a single payment request and address this to a parent or to a group of parents. The schools is notified when the parents approve payment and it’s extremely easy to track down who has paid and who hasn’t. If someone hasn’t approved payment you can send them an email reminder at the click of a button.
Additionally, DebaPay uses SEPA direct debits, which means payments are drawn directly from the parents’ bank accounts. Compared to card payments, direct debits have lower fees and funds are credited to the school account on the day they leave the parents’ accounts.

Choosing DebaPay saves time processing payments (payment input and reconciliation) and chasing payments. Cashless and cardless payments are quicker and more efficient. In addition to these advantages, schools don’t need to invest in additional IT infrastructure because they only require a web connection to the DebaPay interface. The system is very intuitive to set up and use, therefore it does not require technical training but only a simple run through of the features.
Critically, the DebaPay support team will always be delighted to answer any question you may have and there are a number of ways to contact the team; by phone, email or on-line support widget.
Durrow National School, a primary school outside Tullamore, has been using DebaPay to collect fees and they have shared this testimonial: “We’re delighted with how easy it is to use and how it has helped in removing cash and cheques from the environment. It’s not only a great system for the school to collect various fees but it has become a valuable service to parents.”
Frank Kelly, Principal of Durrow NS, shares some views here: Durrow NS on DebaPay.

We’re also delighted to be working with Coláiste Cholim in Tullamore, a large post-primary that sees many students joining from Durrow NS each year. This is of great benefit for both these schools and for the parents as both parties are familiar with the value and simplicity of DebaPay. It’s a delight to be in a position to serve both schools in this way and hear some of the feedback from parents in terms of the simplicity of the system. We’re looking forward to helping more communities in this way.


The Advantages of Using DebaPay

In summary, these are the key advantages of using DebaPay for school payments:
·    Easy and straightforward payments at the click of a button
·    Convenience for parents
·    Reduced administration with better cash flow for schools
·    Clear transparent pricing based solely on transaction fees
·    Simple reconciliation






More information available here: DebaPay for Schools


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