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Primary Schools Income Reporting

Helping primary schools with the task of complying with provisions of the Education Act 1998.

DebaPay enables the collection of all income items and simplifies Financial Reporting

Key to ensuring the system is adopted by parents is delivering a simple tool to use on the payer side. We’ve always focused on the payer side to deliver an excellent user experience for parents. We’ve had a great response and we’ll continue to make the payer side central to further enhancements and simplify school payments.

Switching attention to the other side, account reporting is now mandatory for primary schools pursuant to Article 18 of the Education Act 1998, we are focusing on simplifying the reporting of income for all school payments received from parents.

DebaPay configured for FSSU Reporting

Example: Monies for swimming collected via DebaPay for reporting in Monthly Reporting Template.

As above, items include:

Book Book Fees
busSchool tours
uniform Uniforms
While the Department is not mandating the use of their published templates (such as their cash receipts book template, available here), it will make sense for many schools to use these templates as they are designed to align to the Financial Accounts templates which school accountants are mandated to use for year-end reporting. Many will now be aware but worth noting, for accounting period 1st Sept 2018 – 31st Aug 2019 returns are mandatory no later than 28th February 2020.

Key to linking income items within the payment system to the cash receipts report is the use of categories. In DebaPay we have designed the system to use categories where each item added to DebaPay by the school administrator is assigned an appropriate category, sourced from the Department’s templates. In doing so, the funds received from parents per income item are recorded accurately in whatever reporting template is being used.

In the diagram above, on the right portrays the cash receipts template. In this particular example we show the correlation between the line item in the template (School Swimming) and the addition of the income item on DebaPay. The system allows the school administrator to assign a suitable name and description that is informative to the parent while maintaining a direct reference to the cash receipts template by way of defined category.

Our aim is to make the task of monthly reporting a simple and efficient activity for those managing the receipt of all monies.


One store for all monies received from parents including electronic payments, cash and cheques.

While the adoption rate of the DebaPay system by parents is high once introduced in the school, it naturally takes time to have total coverage in terms of all parents paying electronically. For instance, depending on time of year when the school brings in the system, some parents with children close to finishing in primary school may choose to pay by cash or cheque for items such as swimming and/or school tours. It may also take other parents, those who may not be so familiar with technology, some time to move to electronic payments. In these cases the amounts paid in also need accounting for, which brings the need to report on electronic payments received via DebaPay along with cash and cheques received. From discussion on this with school administrators we added the facility into DebaPay to enable the recording of cash and cheque payments.

SEPA Direct Debit Cash Reporting


The goal here is to provide a single store for the recording of all payments received from parents. This will feed its way to the income reports where the category is consistent across all payment types; SEPA direct debit, cash, cheques. While those parents paying electronically via DebaPay will automatically receive a confirmation email for their records, we are currently adding the ability to send out a receipt email for all cash and cheques received. This will serve to reduce time for the school administrator, satisfy the parent that the receipt of funds by the school was recorded and automatically find its way to end of month reporting.


Getting Started with DebaPay couldn’t be easier, simple contact us and we’ll explain how it works.

  1. Complete Application – we help you here

  2. Profile Configuration – we handle this

  3. Start Collecting – we guide & support you

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