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Flexible Pricing

Pricing is based on transaction volumes, not related to the value of amounts collected.

There are no setup fees or administration fees.

There is no minimun term.


Monthly subscription fees start at €35 per month plus VAT @ 21%. This provides for single user access and a set collection date per month. Speak with us to discuss your needs, we’ll look to find the best fit possible to help you collect from your customers.

The fee for schools is a flat 64 cent per transaction, including VAT @ 21%. Speak with us to learn how other schools handle this fee. Worth noting, DebaPay does not charge the Parent for use of the system, what you request them to pay is what they see when approving payment, with no additional fees applied.

Sports Clubs
Flexible approach applies, if used to collect monthly subscription fees from members then fees start at €35 per month plus VAT @ 21%. Where membership is not collected monthly/quarterly or where volumes are low with limited adhoc collections a bespoke pricing can be agreed.

How we invoice

Invoicing Businesses
After the free trial period our invoice is sent to you at the beginning of each month for the fees relating to the pricing tier applicable. Should your volumes grow and your tier changes we’ll check with you to ensure it’s not a temporary spike in volumes to warrant the new fee level. Also as we add functionality that may be of use to you, subscribing to this functionality might affect pricing but all would be advised well in advance.

Invoicing Schools
We understand in the school setting that things are a little different in terms of when payments are made to the school by parents and that activity levels differ between Primary and Post Primary. We take a very flexible approach here and agree the invoicing regime with each school.

Invoicing Sports Clubs
Here we find it’s often a mix, there could be a set monthly fee where the club is collecting membership subs and then there’s the adhoc collection be it for tickets or club gear. Again, our approach is flexible in terms of the latter ensuring we keep the invoicing aspect of the service simple and transparent.