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We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Tuam Rugby Club. Like so many clubs throughout the country they have the need to collect payment for subs and other items over the course of the season, much of this being a time consuming and manual process.

While collecting subs is one aspect handled very efficiently on DebaPay, the club are also using the system for fundraising. Identifying people is an ongoing process but once identified they simply generate the request on DebaPay signalling the item accordingly and the payer is notified by email. In short, regardless of the request type the experience on the payer side is exactly the same, they’re afforded a very simple way to pay the club – gone is the need to send in cash or a cheque.

We’re very interested in helping clubs not only with the move away from cash and cheques but with structuring the whole payment collection piece to the benefit of the club and its supporters.