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Our First Step into Mobile Commerce


The Origin

Stats available point to businesses in Ireland having a low level of ecommerce enabled websites, let alone a mobile commerce offering. For many, creating and maintaining an on-line presence is a task for many strategy sessions later. For businesses operating in the services sector it’s understandable; strong relationships with their client base, a heavy reliance on repeat business, growth coming through word of mouth and shoe leather.

A while back we were asked if we could integrate with websites to enable customers to pay via DebaPay. While this functionality will be enabled by our API, stay cool John H… it’s coming, we took time to evaluate what they were aiming to achieve. Every company probably should be on-line, does everyone need ecommerce or mobile commerce capabilities?, the return on investment is questionable for certain business types.

Discovery & Problem Solving

Well, the conversations took us to how DebaPay could be used to help people sell more stuff. After some chat we came to a common view point, “what if, rather than putting our wears on-line, we could send our customers offers to let them pick what they want and complete payment via DebaPay?”.
Like all wonderful journeys of discovery, soon this was thundering towards DebaPay providing a fully white labelled SaaS based mobile commerce solution with endless possibilities. Of course cost has no place mongst such wild journeys of discovery, that was my problem. While this was in early plans for the business, having the market ask us about it was really encouraging.

Enter Mobile Commerce – Step 1.

Deba-Click enables our clients to send offers to theirs, the recipient can select what they want on screen via Mobile, or PC, and complete payment. Payment is settled via SEPA Direct Debit.

Step 2:

Fully white labelled SaaS based mobile commerce solution of course, with next-gen neuro-click payment approval for the busy executive in your life.
As usual, all will be delivered via SaaS so it’ll be subscription based, making it cost effective to all users.

The Perfect Scenario

Turns out this approach is equally appealing to other sectors, now that’s good karma. Our pilot phase will include both schools and clubs, many thanks to those agreeing to take part.
Our immediate understanding here is that this product will work for business in the services sector and as above, school and clubs. There’s a relationship between the supplier or biller, and their customer – the supplier will know what their customers need and when they should be considering a purchase or the supplier is asked for information on a service or resale product.
There is no doubt, users will tell us what is required from this product as they use it and find out how it works on both sides of the trade.

We’ll keep you posted

Fair to say we’re excited about releasing this product, we’ve still got some way to go to make it fantastic but it will be very motivating to see a few conversations resulting in increased efficiencies and sales for our clients. We’re looking forward to the feedback from early users to help improve the user experience and guide us through development. We take an Agile approach to product development and this evolution into mobile commerce is no different, user feedback and product tweaking is how it will advance.

We’ll publish a blog when we’ve got some results in.
If you’re interested in what we’re doing, do



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