Our Clients


Mount Wolseley

Mount Wolseley Hotel have signed up to DebaPay for the collection of fees for their Leisure facilities and Golf Membership....
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EasyTrack provides an on-line and real-time tracking service to their customers, delivering detailed engine and driving details of all their vehicles.

Russell Brennan Keane

RBK are offering their customers a flexible and convenient method of paying fees and to reduce their own credit control efforts.

Ballinamere National School

Ballinamere National School have collected for a number of items so far on DebaPay including swimming fees, book fees, group...
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Another great Rugby Club joins up with DebaPay for the collection of various fees. The club started with a recent...
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E&J Oil

E&J Oil offering a convenient service to their customers by way of flexible payment options to strengthen customer relationships.
Tuam RFC 

Tuam RFC

Like so many clubs throughout the country Tuam RFC have the need to collect payment for subs and other items over the course of the season, much of this being a time consuming and manual process.

Westmeath County Council

Westmeath County Council’s remit, as a local authority covers all areas of social and commercial life.

Tennis Ireland

Tennis Ireland are now using DebaPay to collect for membership fees from Tennis Clubs around the country. We would be...
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Athlone Taekwondo Academy

Athlone Taekwondo Academy recently implemented the Debapay system to handle all of their membership fees.

Durrow National School

Durrow NS now enjoying a very efficient means of communication with parents, all parties delighted with the move away from cash and cheques.