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Fans, too high a hill?

Companies typically have customers, what about fans?

A fan is an ardent admirer of a pop star, film actor, a devotee of a sport etc. (Collins dictionary, 2015)

Devotion: a noun describing love, affection or dedicated loyalty for someone or something.

We didn’t need to cite the Collin’s dictionary here of course, it’s not the Nobel Prize in Literature we’re after but it helps to position the bar.

For a moment allow us to accept that DebaPay has a personality, after all culture and behaviour is set by the people in the company. In this context is it impossible to add “business” to the above definition of fan?

We’ll agree, the creation of fans might be a tall order in a business setting. Not to try however is perhaps settling for what might already be available due to industry conditions and factors like serendipity.

So to create fans one needs to do things that appeal to people, it’s a matter of identifying what makes people tick; those things that people relate to and will be grateful for. This task starts with getting a really sharp team together, full of really smart people, to identify what the company can tackle and deliver. Then, when it’s delivered, get the press printing – or social media firing on all channels.  In short, get the message out there as people need to know all the good things that are happening in the company.


But what about belief, internal belief? Are “really satisfied customers” the end goal or the ultimate achievement? Do we simply meet or even exceed customer expectations? “Exceeding customer expectations” is a widely used and honourable phrase in business today. Maybe that’s the ceiling.

However, imagine having just one fan. Imagine in a business setting that someone is an ardent admirer of the how the business behaves in terms of conduct towards them. This we’ll agree is far beyond satisfaction. This is communication at the lowest frequency, at a fundamental level, that no promotion or social media message will ever achieve or disturb.

It’s impossible to claim that this will be achieved if it’s at all possible in business. Yes people like and even love brands but compared to sport and music are people devoted to a particular company? The question is, do we aim for really satisfied customers or do we provide the conditions to allow just one person to become a fan? Maybe it’s just too bold a goal.

Here @ DebaPay the bar is high up.. 

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