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Electronic Payments help reduce crime in Schools

Break-ins at Primary Schools are Not Uncommon

Recently pupils at Durrow NS worked hard to raise funds for Easter Camp for everyone to enjoy over the Easter break. Alas, someone kicked in the door and the money vanished.

Offaly, March 2015: Durrow NS recovering in the aftermath of a break-in. In addition to the large amount of cash stolen as a result of the break-in, significant damage was caused to the school. On this occasion a visit to the bank just didn’t work out so cash had unfortunately been on the school premises. Break-ins at primary schools are not something new, schools are being targeted all the time especially after the collection of money for a particular event or cause.

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The Aftermath of a Break-in

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For any principal, receiving a call early morning to be informed of a break-in is a very unpleasant experience. The immediate feelings of shock and helplessness immediately kick in creating a real sense of violation, after all the school is far more than a place of work having become a part of the person’s life over many years. The Gardaí are of course very professional and supportive in their assistance but are usually powerless against such individuals who have probably carried out similar jobs elsewhere on the same night.


The damage caused at Durrow NS was significant and follows a frustrating pattern:

– External doors ripped from their hinges

– Drawers broken and emptied

– All locked doors kicked open

– Filing cabinets emptied of all school material and personal belongings and soaked in DNA- masking bleach etc.

– Electronic devices stolen or simply broken


The emotional side soon starts to play its part. Initial feelings of sympathy and anger can change to blame, after all why was there cash left in the school and why isn’t the best security system in place to prevent this kind of thing from happening.


Finally a call is made to the insurance company and that’s enjoyable:

– Was the school alarmed?

– Will you consider putting in an alarm now?

“We may not be able to cover you in the future unless you consider certain preventative measures”


So, the relevant people are engaged to repair the damage and plans are put in place to turn the school into a Fort Knox-like environment not event Sean and Catherine Zeta would dare approach. This of course resulting in resources being directed into security rather than into education.

Can we stop this crime?

At the time of writing this blog we hadn’t managed to obtain primary research from a perpetrator of this type of crime (and we know nothing at all of his disappearance, Your Honour) so we must just assume that the motivating factor here is cash. Perhaps high spec laptops are of some value but they need to be moved on if they’re to be of value. Cash is the goal. Durrow NS introduced DebaPay at the start of 2016 to remove cash and cheques from the environment, it’s unfortunate that the fundraising money wasn’t processed via the system as it would have reduced the amount stolen. This will now change as Frank Kelly the Principal is keen to see the school move entirely to electronic payments through DebaPay. Frank accepts it will take time and effort but it’s a message he’s keen to circulate in the community.

DebaPay, Simplifying the Move to Electronic Payments

Through DebaPay the school can process electronic payments for various items and activities. Whatever is being collected by cheque or cash can be collected via DebaPay.


electronic payments


To help the school the DebaPay system has been expanded to cater for fundraising activity.

In future, pupils raising funds for the school or for any cause can use the DebaPay system to avoid handing cash. Instead of taking receipt of cash from family members or friends they can simply direct the person to DebaPay where they can make the payment electronically by following a simple 2-step process to complete the transaction.

Shall We Do It?

Let’s make everyone aware that cash is no longer used in primary schools and prevent these costly break-ins. Trial DebaPay for free, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the simplicity and benefits others are now experiencing and perhaps these petit criminals might look to education as a source of riches rather than looking at schools as a source of cash.

Contact DebaPay today.

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