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DebaPay, a Legend in Billing & Payments

The Bright Light in Payments

Legend has it in the year 2015 AD a new order arose which changed the world of payments for ever. A force so strong that few remembered what life was before its emergence. Some say it was discovered in the undergrowth on Skellig Michael but others claim it was the Burren, there are many such stories. One thing is true, from the darkness a bright light often appears to restore the balance, enter DebaPay.

Through clever innovation and a drive towards simplicity, the billing and payment system that is DebaPay brings great structure to sales and payment collection.

Whether it’s bills that result in one-off payments or a series of payments, the system enables our customers to control the whole process from a single point while making it very easy for their customers to engage, be it to query a bill or make the payment. There are many systems that enable bills and invoices to be raised and communicated out to customers, likewise there are many methods of payment such as card, cash and cheque. However, joining both sides creates a new and exciting world within credit control.

The approach taken in developing the DebaPay system was one of inclusion, the goal being to create a solution to address the same problem facing businesses, schools and sports/social.

Collecting payment is an age old challenge for all sectors and consumes vast amounts of time, perhaps light years.


How It Works

The Debapay system allows our customers to add their products and services, add their customers, create groups, generate bills, respond to queries on raised bills and monitor the whole payment processing from payment approval through to settlement.

When a bill is raised on DebaPay, the receiver of the bill can query the request or simply decide to make the payment on their preferred date. Once the payment is approved the DebaPay system processes this payment through established secure banking connections. Both parties, the biller and payer, have full visibility of the payment process which is of mutual benefit to both sides of the exchange.

An Industry View on Payments

There are many reports in the industry regarding the challenge faced by businesses in terms of collecting payment. Mark Fielding of ISME provides much comment on this challenge for small and medium business throughout Ireland where business wait over 90 and 120 days in many case before collecting payment. The Prompt Payment Code  is another initiative aiming to address this issue.

In line with helping businesses get paid quicker, one of DebaPay’s goals is to improve payment times by making it very easy for payers to pay. We’re succeeding in doing this so far and looking forward to helping many more businesses succeed.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help.


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