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DebaPay for Business

A platform that assists in the collection of money owed

Get Paid on Time EverytimeGet Paid on Time
With SEPA direct debit you have your customer’s approval to debit their account for fees due. This removes the stress and effort associated with chasing payment.

Fixed and Variable AmountsFixed and Variable Amounts
Enable recurring payments where the same amount can be collected each period or the amount can be adjusted where necessary. Collections can be paused and restarted to suit engagement with your customers.

Improved CashflowCashflow Controlled
Maintain a strong relationship with your customers and stabilise your cashflow. With an established schedule of recurring payments you have line of sight of income enabling you to optimise the use of resources.


Locating the Value

SEPA Direct Debit is an ideal method of collecting payment from your customers where your business provides an ongoing service, it can process a one-off single collection or a series of recurring collections. Through DebaPay your customers can approve payment electronically or they can sign a SEPA direct debit paper mandate where preferred, the direct debit collection is handled in exactly the same way within the system. Information available here about electronic and paper mandates Electronic v Paper Mandates

Once your customer signs the mandate you can debit their account for funds owed, you need to notify them in advance of the debit. Customers using DebaPay have a portion or all of their income being collected by SEPA direct debit through DebaPay. This saves significant time by removing the effort associated with chasing payment and drives healthy cashflow.

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How DebaPay Works

Step 1 – Customer Authorisation

Digital MandateElectronic Authorisation
Your cusotmer authorises you to debit their account by way of electronically signing the SEPA direct debit mandate via mobile or PC. Setting up the collection details in DebaPay sends an email to your customer for approval. They click the link, enter their address and account details and click approve. At this point the system sets the collection running.

Paper MandateWet Ink
Your customer authorises you to debit their account by way of signing a hard copy of the SEPA direct debit mandate in person. Once you’ve obtained this you can simply set the collection up on DebaPay and the collection will commence on the agreed debit date. Until a point where the mandate is no longer to be used you can use this authorisation to debit your customer’s account for on-off or ongoing collections.


Step 2 – Start Collecting

Euro Maker

DebaPay Handles the Collections
With your cusotmer’s authorisation you are set to collect your funds. Where approved electronically the collection will already be configured and running. If authorised by paper mandate it’s simply a matter of setting the collection up to start collecting.




Debapay has made an enormous difference to how we work at Food PR. We spend more time on client accounts providing valuable service and less time on chasing payments. It provides value to our clients too who spend less time processing invoices and issuing cheques.
The Debapay customer care is excellent and always personable.
I could not recommend highly enough.

Olivia Collins (Owner), FoodPR, Galway

We have been using Debapay for over 4 years for the collection of monthly payments from our Customers. We are extremely satisfied with the service provided. It is very reliable and user friendly. We would strongly recommend Debapay to other business

Joan Kelly (Owner), E&J Oil, Donegal

DebaPay has simplified cash collection in our business and has significantly reduced the time spent discussing payment with our customers.
The system has brought real value to our business.

Niall Moran (Partner), Stephens Cooke Accountants, Athlone